Christmas is the busiest time of year for the courier service; from presents delivered to residential homes to business supplies arriving at commercial properties ready for the new year, December will see a huge increase in courier drivers on the road. It’s important to make sure that your parcel is safely packaged for delivery, which is why we’ve offered some of the key things you can do to prepare your parcel for its journey:

Internal Cushioning

Here at Silver Bullet Express, our professional drivers handle every package with the utmost care and attention. However, each item, particularly if they are fragile, should be individually wrapped for optimum protection on the journey. Prepare your parcel by using bubble wrap, foam pieces, or molded pulp as appropriate to your item in order to provide a cushion layer, with extra padding between each object to separate them from each other and the sides of the box.

Prepare your parcel with sturdy packaging

Heavy duty boxes are a necessity when it comes to parcel security, especially when they are double layered. Be careful to choose the right size and shape of the cardboard box as this will not only provide a snug environment for your items but will ensure that unnecessary packaging isn’t wasted. Moreover, don’t be tempted to simply re-use an old and worn box and patch up any rips and tears as these can worsen under weight pressure, thereby seriously compromising on parcel protection. If you are using a mailing bag, make sure that it is good quality and sturdy enough to support your parcel.

Correctly sealed

If you are using a cardboard box for your package, it is important to check that it’s sealed all over so that it doesn’t collapse as it is being transported to its destination. The best option for preparing your parcel is parcel tape, which should first be applied to the two flaps at the bottom of the packaging, then around the edges, and finally along the top flaps, the tape overlapping at cross-sections and sealing everything together.

Delivery label

The delivery label for your parcel is extremely important, as this is how your courier will verify that they have the right package and will be delivering it to the correct recipient. It can be difficult for scanners to identify blurred barcodes. Therefore, prepare your parcel by clearly printing your label and placing this on a flat surface for easy scanning, whilst also removing any old labels to avoid confusion.

Warning label

Don’t forget to use a ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care’ label where necessary as a reminder to your courier that your parcel contains objects that can be easily damaged or broken when not handled with extra caution. Furthermore, using a care label or tape will also warn the recipient to be cautious and wary when unboxing the package, especially if it needs to be opened a certain way up.

You can rest assured that, by choosing Silver Bullet Express, your package or parcel will arrive safely and securely at its destination. We provide affordable, same day courier services across the Northampton, Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, and Aylesbury area, whilst always providing an exceptional quality experience for each customer. To discuss your courier needs further, call us today on 0800 907 0016 or complete our online form.