We live in an exciting modern world where the capabilities of technology seem limitless. Over the past twenty years, the growth of the internet and the development of smartphones and tablets have had an enormous impact on our everyday life. Here at Silver Bullet Express, we have explored how technological advances are being used in the industry to improve courier service for our customers:


A brilliant way to plan deliveries effectively and to achieve optimum productivity, GPS allows our drivers to find the fastest routes available to them as well as monitor traffic flow and instantly be made aware of potential traffic jams and accidents to avoid. Using this information means that our customers can be given greater accuracy in arrival times so we can provide the best courier service experience possible.

Shorter Delivery Times

Silver Bullet Express are proud to offer same day delivery at competitive prices and we are constantly looking at how to reduce delivery times even further for greater convenience to our consumers. Having same day delivery gives the reassurance that those urgent deliveries will reach you when you need them most. After all, we live in a hectic world and our customers expect their courier to keep up with the fast pace of daily life.

Better Communication

The days of waiting all day at home for your parcel to arrive are no more. Thanks to the creation of smartphones and tracking apps for courier service, customers can now follow the progress of their parcel from dispatch to arrival. As well as being a fun and exciting way to follow its journey to your home or business, you can plan your day around your delivery so that there is minimal disruption to your schedule.

Drones – the Future of Courier Service?

Though it may seem a little far-fetched at the moment, drones are really gaining momentum as the potential future of courier service. However, don’t expect to see lots of little robots flying overhead as there are still a lot of obstacles to overcome! Check out this fascinating article from The Guardian to see how drones are currently being developed and trialled.

One thing that we can guarantee is that no matter how the industry changes, Silver Bullet Express will continue to provide premium quality service to our customers. To discuss your courier service needs, you can reach us on 0800 907 0016 or by completing our online form and the team will be happy to help you further.