Why did you start Silver Bullet Express?

I started Silver Bullet Express because I was fed up of working for other people and I loved the idea of being my own boss. I also really enjoy driving and therefore, I decided that getting paid to drive sounded incredibly attractive. As a result, Silver Bullet Express was born.

What makes your business stand out?

The foundation of our business is built on a premier level of customer service and I personally believe that communication is key at all times during collection and deliveries. We track all of our vehicles so we are able to provide accurate ETA’s throughout the collection and delivery. Our service is always a dedicated one too, meaning once the customers consignment has been collected, the driver proceeds directly to the delivery destination with no deviations or other stops.

Who are your typical clients?

We currently deal with multiple types of businesses – from large global logistics companies to sole traders and partnerships.

It doesn’t matter who the client is – if we can help, we will.

What type of consignments do you deliver?

Silver Bullet Express delivers all kinds of stuff! Most commonly we deliver:

  • Tenders into London for a variety of customers
  • Flooring materials to site
  • Exhibition/conference items to venues across the country
  • Medical items to hospitals
  • Precision engineered metal items
  • Palletised oats & cereals
  • Items for photo shoots for design agencies
  • Packaging items
  • Legal documentation
  • Storage items returned to customers
  • Veterinary medication & instrumentation

Have you had any weird or unusual requests from clients?

We have been asked by several veterinary practices to transport dog corpses for autopsies. Whilst this isn’t our typical consignment, we are happy to help.

One of the most unusual requests we ever had was to deliver a power of attorney document for a global construction company to Hong Kong. We collected the papers from my customers head office in the UK, flew to Hong Kong, got a taxi from the airport direct to the Hong Kong office and then made the delivery. This job paid quite well so if you are after a similar delivery – please do get in contact!

It doesn’t matter what the goods are – if we can get them inside one of our modern vehicles, we will help.

What happens if a client doesn’t like your quote?

We will do everything in our power to provide our clients with a quote that is unbeatable. If a particular price doesn’t match the client’s expectations, we would be delighted to have a look and see if we can do anything to reduce the cost. However, as a family run business, we need our clients to understand that the service they receive from us is nothing like the service they would get from a large, faceless multinational company. We really care.

We're Ready to Collect Your Goods

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